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KANPEKI LABS- Next Generation Of Treatments For An Arduous Lifestyle

The life in the 21st century is incredibly demanding & busy. Our daily struggle to present the best version of ourselves, juggle 10 plates at a time, working day in and day out and ultimately popping Ambien to get to sleep has no doubt taken an immense toll on our lives.

Caught in a chaotic, frenzied spiral of this new addiction, society is now dominated by beliefs, attitudes and ways of thinking that elevate the values of impulse, instant gratification and loss of control to first line actions and reactions.

Managing the demanding lifestyle that so many people live today, especially those in the working or corporate world, can be challenging. Handling work, your personal life and family responsibilities all at the same time can be stressful.

And how you look & feel in those moments is the highlight of your days because what you go through in a single day is also what your skin faces with you - in pollution, in stress and in the harsh sun. And what it goes through is called Skin Fatigue.



Skin inflammation: Skin inflammation is a sign of an immune response in the body where symptoms can range from redness, heat, itching, sensitivity, and swelling. The cause or trigger of skin inflammation may be acute, such as a skin infection, photosensitivity or an allergic reaction.

Oxidation: Well, skin oxidizes too which is why we have formulations that include antioxidants. A kin oxidation when sebum on the surface of the skin clogs pores and is exposed to the air. The result is a blackhead. The older we get, the more our skin cells are damaged by UV irradiation causing loss in elasticity, and the subsequent wrinkles and fine lines that form as our skin is unable to bounce back into position.

Glycation: Glycation is a process which is caused by the presence of excess glucose in skin fibers. This triggers an internal reaction which causes skin to lose its firmness & suppleness. This is when our face starts to “fall” and needs extra help to continue looking youthful.

DNA methylation: Aging is a complex and time-dependent deterioration of physiological process. But the hectic lifestyle accelerates it often leading to biochemical alterations which often modifies the function of the genes and affects gene expression.

While there could be many causes for a dull complexion, tired skin is most commonly a result of-

Pollution: Considerable harmful effects are mediated by air pollutants on the human skin that may contribute to skin aging, atopic dermatitis, skin cancer, psoriasis, and acne.

Photo damage: Photo damage causes skin changes such as fine and coarse wrinkles, roughness, freckles and pigmentation, as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun.

Environmental Agressors: Sun radiation (ultraviolet radiation, visible light, and infra-red radiation), air pollution, tobacco smoke, lack of nutrition, some less well-studied factors, and cosmetic products.

Stress: Stress can also make your skin problems worse. For example, stress can aggravate psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema. It can also cause hives and other types of skin rashes and trigger a flare-up of fever blisters.

Lifestyle: Habits like smoking & drinking strip your skin of essential hydration, nutrients and oxidants. Additionally, inadequate sleep, poor nutrition, not applying sunscreen can also speed up the process of aging drastically.



Regardless of how demanding one’s life can be, it’s important to understand how damaging this kind of lifestyle can be to one’s skin health. Which is why we have brought a modern skincare solution that counteracts the adverse effects of these causes.


Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Borne out of Japanese beauty secrets in confluence with science, Kanpeki Labs skincare formulations are designed to function fast on your skin. With an experience of 25 Years in developing the most effective skincare, it offers a potent solution to get to grips with today’s taxing routine.

Our team of skin experts have curated formulations that counteract these skin stressors to offer a long-lasting solution by addressing major skin concerns caused by lifestyle fatigue.


Check out our Anti-ageing batch curated to address the effects of stress induced ageing, to give you a youthful appearance you deserve!

You can also check our other products at-

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