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Facial Serum

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  • Concentrate Serum

    The facial serum brightens, moisturizes, improves skin tone, and reverses aging of skin. This powerful union of salicylic acid, mandelic acid and hyaluronic acid gives intense nourishment almost instantaneously so that you wake up to a dewy, plump, lifted and illuminated visage. The combination of all the ingredients enhances skin renewal and improves skin elasticity.


    Nourish your skin by giving it the moisture it needs. The hydra boost serum contains hydrating properties which combats dryness.Recommended for all skin types.


    The skin under the eyes is relatively soft and delicate, therefore more prone to swelling up that often leads often to dark circles. The Smooth Under Eye Gel is a smooth gel that aids in visibly clearing up dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes to give that fresh and young radiance to your face. It treats dark pigmentation under the eyes by boosting blood circulation and reduces puffiness while reducing the visible reaction of Glycation.

The goodness of Kanpeki Professional range products come at the convenience of your home.
Designed for individual use, Kanpeki strives to deliver radiance and renewal to all skin types
with our advance and uniquely formulated skin care solutions.

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